Upcoming Litters

Most of our Puppies are sold before conception.  We only have 4 breeding females and not every female is bred each cycle.  Please note that we are not a quick fix for a puppy.  We put great care and planning into the few litters that we have each year.  Our depositors have 1st chance at getting a puppy. If we have an opening it is likely because someone needed to move their deposit to a future litter instead, creating an opening for that puppy to be adopted by someone else.  If that happens you will see that info posted on our "current puppies" page.

If you place a deposit please be willing to wait 6-12 months to have a puppy born to you.  My male list is currently very full so the wait for a male is much longer than the wait for a female.

Here are a few possible pairings for the future:

Yuki x Arrow

Jubilee x Arrow

Daisy x Lumiere

or possibly Joe Joe

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