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Welcome to Loyal Labradors where we raise our English white Labradors with heart and soul, in the center of our home.  I'm Jennifer, and this is my family.  We are professional breeders of the English Labrador Retriever, breeding white (yellow) Lab puppies for 3 (human) generations.  We are a small hobby breeder with focus on quality, not quantity in the English Lab. It's our delight to show and family raise the white English Labrador Retriever. Our Labs have show, hunting & service dogs in their bloodlines. One of our first foundation girls was Goldberrys Dori.  We really loved the Goldberry lines so you'll see a lot of Goldberry in our pedigrees to this day.


What Makes Us Different

Hand Raised In Our Home

Our puppies are happy little social bugs before they leave our home.  They leave our arms ready to greet the world.

Hand raised in our Master Bedroom and Puppy Nursery.

Your puppy is interacting with our family on a daily basis.

Good Early Experiences

Our rule of 7 works by introducing our Lab puppies starting at 4 weeks of age to 7 new things/experiences. On every day 4 we change these to 7 new things. So by the time you pick up your Loyal puppy they have been introduced to at least 49 new experiences, things and changes.

We have incorporated the Early Neurological Stimulation for our puppies.

Health tested Parents

Health tested parents with OFA

Testing for Hips, Elbows, Eyes and recessive DNA genes such as EIC, PRA, CNM, HU, CY, HNP, DM, D Locus and more. Patella, Dentition and DNA profile for the sires.

English Labs are a happy memory for me.  My dad and I raised ivory and white English Labrador Puppies together back in the 1970's.  Here is a photo of me in my backyard holding a white Lab puppy that my dad and I raised together.


Those moments of raising Lab puppies with my dad are some of the fondest memories that I hold close to my heart.  I'm thrilled to be able to offer our children the same opportunity.  We can count three generations of English Lab breeders in our family and at least 6 generations of the "Loyal Labradors" bloodline in many of our Labs.  


We continue education in breeding, staying up to date on the most current and important issues pertaining to the Labrador Retriever.  We are highly selective in how we breed our Labs.  We KNOW the quality of our Labradors because many of our pedigrees/bloodlines go back 5 generations, making our foundation girls great-great-great grandmas. See the below photo of one of our daughters with a puppy from a litter we raised.

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