1.  If you wish to reserve a puppy, we require a non-refundable deposit of $250 ($500 for pick of the litter male or female or other breeders pick).  Your deposit holds your place for a puppy.  For regular picks we go in order of deposit when placing our puppies.  Deposits will not be refunded if you change your mind. If you have to cancel for any reason or there is no puppy for you, your deposit will be moved to a future litter.   Your deposit is applied to the full price of the puppy. We take deposits to ensure organization of interested adopters.  This also helps us breed responsibly so that our puppies are ensured homes BEFORE conception or birth.   If for some reason you need to cancel, please notify us and your deposit will be moved to the next litter if requested.  If there is no puppy for you from the expected litter we will continue to move your deposit again.  We will hold the price we quoted you for up to one year.  Our puppies are $4,000 and up.


2.  We do not ship our puppies.  Our buyers drive or fly in from all over the world to the Minneapolis airport.  They visit us at our country home in Mora, Minnesota.  We want to meet you!  We must meet you in person for transfer of your puppy.  Please do not ask us to ship your puppy.

3.  Our White Lab puppies are sold on limited registration as pets.  There are no breeding or showing rights with the puppy that you purchase from us. Limited registration means that you will not be able to show in the AKC conformation ring or register the offspring with AKC.  Our puppies are sold as PETS ONLY.  I don't respond to inquiries about full registration with breeding rights.

4. We don't guarantee coat color or pigment (nose/eye rim) coloring.  Our Labs are very light but at times we have some ivory or champagne puppies too.  You can opt out of getting your puppy if you feel the color is not what you want.


5.  Every puppy comes with a 1 year health guarantee, shot record and bill of sale.  Our extended health guarantee is optional. The 4 yr extended guarantee for hips/elbows/eyes requires the puppy be fed LIfe's Abundance Large Breed puppy food (purchased from us) for the entire 4 years and to not have been under or overfed.  Also, your puppy must be well cared for during it's life, never been bred, transferred ownership or sustained injuries.  Both adopter and breeder must sign the 4 year for it to become active. 

6.  All puppies must be picked up at 8 weeks old and paid for when indicated or the next adopter will be contacted.  You will be given a pick up date for when your puppy is ready to go home.  We do not hold puppies past the go-home date unless discussed well in advance.  We feel it's important for them to train and bond with you during their early months.  If we agree to hold your puppy for you past the go-home date, you'll be charged a boarding fee of $70 per day.


7.  We take personal checks, cash or Zelle only.  We don't take personal checks for final payment on the day of go home.  We accept Zelle & personal check payments for deposit.  Due to internet scams, we cannot take cashier checks, money orders, bank checks, wire transfers, etc... The balance for your puppy is due before 3 weeks of age if paying by personal check or by Zelle.  We can take cash at the time of go home.   If you have questions about final payment please contact us.  When sending a personal check by mail we ask that you send it to our PO box only and by overnight service with delivery conf. 

8.  We understand that at times major moves, changes or crisis may take place in people lives.  We offer our customers support in the homing, placement of the puppy/dog if a crisis or need arises.   Do NOT surrender your dog to a shelter for any reason.  This is stated in our puppy agreement as well.

9.  We gladly welcome visits to our home, from future adopters that have placed a deposit, but only at the time of go-home (8 weeks old) due to Covid. Our puppies go fast and are generally spoken for before conception.   People that have placed a deposit have priority on our wait list.  Therefore, visits to our home are limited to trusted adopters that have placed a deposit with us.  This helps eliminate "puppy shoppers" from walking through large kennels and then coming to our home....possibly bringing sickness or disease along with them. 


10. Due to Covid, picks are now made at 7 weeks old by photos and video.  Pick up is at 8 weeks old.  We follow CDC and AKC guidelines for safety.


11.  We don't guarantee that dew claws will be removed or not grow back.  Our Vet does them when possible. It is rare but important to know that dew claws can grow back so removal of dew claws are not guaranteed.  1 set of shots and 3 dewormings are done before the puppies go home at 8 weeks old.


12.  I retain first picks for male & female on all litters.  Pick of the litter male and female are reserved for the breeder or often go to service and therapy dogs homes and do not count in the puppy pick selection for adopters.  At times I will also keep other breeders picks, for instance 2nd pick male and female as well.  There are times the breeders picks may become available.  The price is more for a pick of the litter or breeders pick.


13.  There will be a $200 delivery fee if you need your puppy delivered to the airport.  We encourage you to come to our home when possible.  If this is not possible we can arrange a time to meet you with your puppy at the MSP airport instead if the timing is between 8 - 9 weeks of age.  The Minneapolis airport is about a 4 hr round trip with traffic and road construction but often takes a good part of my day.


14.  We will hold the price we quoted you for 18 months from the time of deposit.  After that the price is subject to change.

15.  MN sales tax does apply.