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Hi Jennifer,

I Hope you and your family are doing well.
I just wanted to give you a quick update on our Winston. He is Rainey and Lumiere’s RED Collar pup from their 5/05 litter of last year.
He is a great healthy boy who is now weighing in at 90 lbs on his 1st Birthday.
He is the baby of the house and always gets special treatment from my entire family. He gets everyone’s attention anywhere we take him along with great compliments of how beautiful he is. He is super friendly and loves to greet everyone. Winston is always full of energy in the morning and melts our hearts in the evening with lots of cuddling and sleeping.
We can’t thank you enough for bringing joy to our family with our beautiful Winston.
You are a top notch breeder who breeds beautiful, intelligent, well social dogs. The best of the best

Thank You
Carlos, Debbie, Logan, Lincoln Carreiro

We have had an incredible year with him starting with the wonderful trip we took to pick him up. Unforgettable Memories.



Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted to thank you again for bringing Mosey into the world, and into my life.  He is so sweet, smart, and all around fabulous.  And he is stunning!  Seriously, I feel like I’m with a celebrity when I take him out in public.  I am not exaggerating.

We were at a large sporting goods store recently, and he sometimes had two groups of people petting him at once, while two or three more groups of people waited in line to meet him!!  I’m not kidding.  He causes a sensation! 

People always compliment his beautiful head, his calmness, his gentleness, his expression, his perfect build, his color, and the way he keeps his attention on me.  He is an absolute treasure.

Thank you so much!

Hi Jennifer!  I thought you might enjoy Banks’ birthday pictures! I can’t believe he’s already 1! Hope all is well with you!  Amy


Hello Jennifer,


Had to share this pic of Tito in full on snuggle mode when his sissy Zoë comes home to visit. He is an Ace x Selah Bear pup, and we love him. 🧡🐶


Have a super weekend!


Lisa and Shawn S.




We wanted to share some photos. We named her Phyllis and she is doing great! She is already potty trained, she has learned to sit, and seems to be adjusting very well!


She played with mine and Virginias families labs quite a bit (who have their shots) and she loves people. We have been to the vet twice for shots and she gets a perfect bill of health and they always tell us how well bred she is! 


Thank you again!


Sam and Virginia 


Hi Jennifer!


I wanted to tell you again how much we adore Wyatt and how grateful I am we found you. I did a ton of research on breeders & I can honestly say you are one of a kind. I think from here on out I will only be able to get labs from you as a fellow dog lover. I truly appreciate your dedication to the lines, and Wyatt has the best temperament, personality that everyone loves.


And I wanted to wish a glorious time at your daughters wedding! 




Jillian & Wyatt

"Dear Jennifer, Please don't think I have forgotten about you! It would be impossible due to the fact that your presence is fresh and alive everyday in Botica's eyes. He has grown up into the most beautiful dog ever and the happiness he brings us every day is unparalleled. He has been such a huge blessing for our family, that it is impossible to put into words. But I can tell you this: He is full of feelings and emotions that fill our hearts and we thank you deeply for giving us the opportunity of having such a beauty come into our lives. We know that these unrivaled qualities and character traits have been honed through your one of a kind blood line, and your Labradors are for sure the best and most LOYAL anywhere in the world. Congratulations for having developed these Labs and thank you once again for everything. Your dedication, hard work and love for these gorgeous creatures have definitely paid off. We hope you and your beautiful family are all doing wonderfully and enjoying your summer at home.


Best regards and all  our love,

The Lomeña family"

"Hi Jennifer! Here's some recent Arnie pictures hope you're well! We love our big boy!" 


~Kristen G.

"Words can hardly describe our PD.  From puppy to a three year old he has absolutely been the joy of our lives.  Jennifer promised us a calm dog and that he is!!   He is truly a gentle soul.  While we have cherished all of our dogs, PD is that once in a life-time connection.  How lucky we are to have found Loyal Labradors.  Thank you Jennifer."


~ K. Sullivan

"Just wanted to let you know that Cooper is doing so well. He’s 70 pounds now and is such a beautiful boy. Everywhere we go we people want to know more about him - he is friendly and engaged without any nervousness or hyperactivity. Cooper is as happy sleeping at my feet as he is on a hike. We’ve continued with his training and right now we’re enrolled in 2 classes. He is eager to please, quick to learn and we have so much fun training. We’ve had a lot of wonderful animals over the years but he truly is an exceptional dog. He is a bright, joyous light in my world and in our family. We couldn’t love him more."

~Melissa K.


"Dear Loyal Labradors, we are such a Lucky Family to have such a Kind, Loving, Gentle and Loyal Dog named Cooper:) He brings so so much Joy and Happiness to our Family."


~Catherine S.


Just wanted to reach out and let you know that our vet can not get over how pretty and well bodied Aspyn is. His whole staff loves her color and the shape of her head and of course her personality!  I switched to him from our previous veterinarian and he is just in awe with her and has said “show material” and so solid for a female lab pup. We are extremely happy!  Also, she weighs 38lbs!

~ Heather S.


We absolutely love our beautiful lab from Jennifer at Loyal Labradors. We purchased a six year old from her four years ago. Our lab is sweet, humble, and gorgeous! We get compliments wherever we go with her. She is extremely healthy and everyone comments on how soft her coat is - it's like petting a soft bunny. Jennifer cares deeply about the health of her dogs. Her operation is small so you may gave to wait to get a puppy BUT it is so worth the wait. Her dogs are raised in her home and receive a great deal of individual attention. They are healthy, intelligent, strong and beautiful dogs. She is a wonderful breeder who truly cares about her pups. Having purchased labs from other breeders, I can say her operation is above and beyond any of the other breeders we have worked with in the past. Our dog is 10 years old and is a rock star. I would purchase another pup from her in a heartbeat!  Susan K.


Hi Jennifer:

Just a little update on Tito....he had a vet appt yesterday and is doing great. (And the vet office loves him) He is now 21.3 pounds and adjusting nicely to our home. He is a busy boy a few hours a day but is so calm when he is relaxing. We love him more each day! Hope school is going well for your family up there and you are enjoying this nice fall weather. I’ll send more pics soon. Take care,

Lisa & Shawn

Our son Zach is 24 and home for a few days. So Tito had some bonding time with his big brother.


Jennifer from Loyal Labradors is the real deal. She is very professional. She answers all my questions promptly and always updates me on the puppies progress with pictures and videos. We drove a total of 3400 miles round trip to pick up our baby. It was sooooo worth it. Our family couldn’t be happier with our new addition. Thank you Loyal Labradors.

Brent wrote to me again:

Hi Jen!! Hope this finds you, your family & all the dogs well & healthy!! Wanted to send a few pictures of Dix as we approach her 8th birthday. As I type this email, she is laying on her back with all paws up taking a late morning nap, I am reminded to thank you once again for the blessing to have been able to have Dixie a part of my/our lives. You all do such a wonderful job there & I hope you hear that all the time!! She is my gravity, best friend & every single day, I do my best to love her as much as she loves me.

Have a Merry Christmas & happy new year!!

Best wishes,
Brent & Dixie Blue

Jennifer & Loyal Labradors Family-

Hope this finds you, your family & all the pups happy, healthy & in good spirits!!! It’s one more trip around the sun for Dixie Blue as she turns 9 today!! Because of Loyal Labs, I’ve had the best friend a guy could ever ask for & the honor of getting to be her human. We’re still in the western suburbs of Illinois & she’s still a sweet & gentle girl that loves to greet everyone, everywhere we go. During the Summer she’s in the lake all day long & then gets excited for her walks in the neighborhood or over at the forest preserve. I love that she still wants me to throw the ball just 3,284 more times, wherever there’s an open field. She’s still a professional at taking naps anywhere she is & gets loved on & kissed multiple times through out the day!!

Although everyone says it about their Loyal Lab pup, I too have to tell you that she is, THE ABSOLUTE BEST DOG, I’ve ever had!! Thank you for all of your hard work & the amazing ability to provide me/us with incredible four legged family members. Attached below are pictures from this last year…

Best wishes,
Brent & Dixie


Hi Jennifer!


Our BEAUTIFUL LOVING Sage (We call her Sage the Rage) is amazing! This summer she discovered the WATER and we are having a ball with her. At first, she was afraid to walk on the (ever so slightly moving) pier, and she still often forgets where the stairs are to come back up. Now…..she lives in the water! She's like a little baby learning all the fundamentals of life.


We also taught her to GET THE PAPER for daddy!! She is an amazing retriever and gets the paper every morning! TWICE! 


She verges on obsession with BALL retrieval. Sometimes we have to spell the word BALL around the house for a few days to calm her down and get "BALL-NESS" out of her head.


She is adorable and we are so blessed to have her part of our family. Thanks so much for sharing your family with ours!


The Zimmermans


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