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I wanted to email you and show you a few photos of Lumiere and Daisys red collar boy ( Yogi Bear) He is the sweetest big boy! We adore him. He is 36 pounds at 15 weeks, he only sleeps on his back spread eagle :) his ears are long and dip in his bowl when he drinks, he loves ice cubes and chases them across the kitchen floor, he loves water and wants to get in the shower every night :) he has a wonderful personality!! He is a chewer and a digger, but he will outgrow those. I can barely lift him anymore, but he loves to sit on my lap and be picked up. He brings the paper in every morning from the sidewalk and plays so nice with kids and other puppies.

We ADORE him. Thank you so much. I have one other favorite photo I will send, he was outside digging and I did not want to let him in covered in mud....sending that to your cell is so funny.


Seattle, Wa

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