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Loyal Labradors Little Joe's Dream
"Joe Joe"

Health Testing:

OFA ~ Hips Good

OFA ~ Elbows Normal

OFA Eye Clear/Normal  LR-EYE7901/1M-VPI

AVCO CERF clear/normal  

Dentition -  Correct scissor bite/Normal LR-DE473/15M-VPI

Patellar - Normal  LR-PA1320/15M/P-VPI

AKC DNA profiled

DNA recessive gene testing:

Exercised Induced Collapse (EIC) OFA Clear/Normal  LR-EIC3549/2M-pl

PRA-prcd OFA Clear/Normal 

Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNP) OFA Clear/Normal

Cystinuria (CY) OFA clear/Normal LR-CY82/2M-pl

Hyperuricosuria (HU) OFA Clear/Normal LR-HU49/2M-pl

Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM) OFA Clear/Normal LR-CNM1257/2M-pl

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) OFA Clear/Normal LR-DM493/2M-pl

D Locus/Coat Color (DL)- Does not carry the dilute gene

Click here for his OFA health testing.

24" at shoulder
80 pounds


No stud service available 

Joe is in a pet home with his forever family and is not on site


We think that Joe had the "cute puppy" thing down pretty good.  He was such an adorable puppy.  Joe has been dubbed a "quick study" by our trainer.  He's willing to please and has high social attraction.  His eyes are focused on his Hu-MOM (human mom) or he's laying at her feet throughout the day.  Little Joe is gentle with children and other pets.  He loves to play ball outside but inside he finds his favorite resting spot quickly.  We love his calm and loyal personality.  This guys gives great eye contact and is always ready for anything that comes his way.  Joe is a very well balanced dog with a charming personality.  We certainly feel that his puppies have great potential to be service dogs, therapy dogs or cherished family pets because of his sweet disposition, gentle nature and high intelligence.  

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