Loyal Labradors Lumiere


OFA prelim hips - good 

OFA prelim elbows - normal

OFA eye CERF - Normal

EIC - Clear

PRA prcd - Clear/Normal

DM - Normal n/n

CNM - Clear

CY- Clear/Normal

Copper - clear/not affected

DLocus - Normal/Clear

HNP - Clear

HU - Normal n/n



Coat length - normal

Coat Color - Yellow DD C.22G>A-/-


(stud service not available)


Lumiere is one of our own puppies.  He was born and raised in our home and comes from the long line of Selah's bloodline.  He is a 4th generation puppy from our sweet Selah.  He quickly stole my heart and has become a loyal and fabulous friend to all he crosses paths with.  He has that super soft expression with a wide box head.  Learning to pick up items, open the refrigerator doors and drawers was an easy task for him to learn.  He's a whopping 110 pounds and was bred to add some height for people wanting some taller service dogs.  Most of our Labs are small and compact but you'll find Lumiere to be a Lucious and generous boy with generous and well balanced proportions.  Lumiere's sire was part American and part English so this is why he has the thick English build but more height and weight.  Yes, he is as white as can be.  Yes, he is a lover and will cuddle with you on the couch.  he's an amazing boy with personality plus.  we can't say enough about him or his puppies.

He produces some average size english labs and some taller and more massive ones too.  you'll see a combo from him.


below photos are of him in his growing years.