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White English Lab Puppy
white lab puppies for sale
white labrador puppies for sale
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English Lab Puppy

Loyal Labradors Serene II

Serene X Moses Puppy and full sister to Posh
Health testing:

OFA hips ~ Excellent
OFA elbows ~ clear/normal
OFA eye CERF ~ Clear/Normal
PennHIPP ~ pass/normal

Cystinuria ~ Clear/Normal 

Coat Color D Locus ~ Does not carry the dilute gene

Centronuclear Myopathy ~ Clear/Normal

Degenerative Myelopathy ~ Clear/Normal

Exercise Induced Collapse ~ Carrier and will be bred to Normal

Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis ~ Clear/Normal

PRA-prcd ~ Clear/Normal

50 pounds

Loyal Labradors Serene is daughter to Loyal Labradors Calm Reflection who we call Siri or Serene.  Her mother is spayed and no longer having puppies but we think that her daughter Serene is growing into the very image of her mother.  Serene is a calm and sweet house dog, gentle with our children and a great companion.  She has produced one litter and they are amazing little puppies.  She is a smaller girl, very English type with big adoring eyes.  We love her.

A puppy photo of Serene II