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Photos of Loyal Labradors Selah and AM Champion Goldberry's Nash Puppies

Dear Jennifer,
Things are going soooo well with Mac!  He is doing well in puppy preschool. The teacher said that he's a smart dog!  We worked on the command "leave it" with him. Mac likes to go in the dishwasher while I am loading it. I used "leave it" and he backed away...he hasn't tried to get in it since! He is so smart! Also, he was the only dog to go on the wobbly platform. The teacher said that I may have an agility dog on me! I am going to give it a try with him. He seems to love going and is always so happy!
Mac came to school last Friday! He did wonderfully! My principal said that he can come once a month for the day! I have a special ed student who has really taken to Mac. His behavior was the best it's been since the year started! I sent a picture of him reading to Mac. He did this all on his own while I was reading to the class. Also, the Special Ed. teacher took him for awhile to visit his students. He couldn't believe how well behaved his kids were (and Mac, too).
Have a great week...thanks so much for the beautiful addition to our family...we love him! Jolene :)
Hi Jennifer,
I saw the new litter. You raise beautiful dogs on the inside and out!:) I just wanted to share that Mac passed his puppy pre-school test with flying colors...he was at the top! The picture of him staying in the crate with the door open and all his toys out in front was so amazing the trainers want to put it on their website! He's such a smart dog! He will start primary school in April and will go on to canine obedience this summer! I can't wait! He's doing so well at school the Principal said that he can come every Friday...all day long! Also, at an IEP meeting he suggested looking into getting a service learning dog to work with the student! I can't believe what a positive effect Mac has had and continues to have on our school! :) Thanks so much for raising and sharing such beautiful dogs! Jolene :)
I finally figured out how to put pictures on the computer.  This is Remington, our little one.  He has had one vaccination and the vet loves him - says he is from great stock!!!  He will be going in for his next one in a couple more weeks.  He is such a goooooooood little guy.  We have very few accidents inside.  When he has to go out, he just barks and out we go.  I don't quite know how to train him to go to the door because just barking could mean anything.  Tomorrow we are taking him on a three hour car ride.  We are going down south overnight so that should prove to be interesting.  He seems to really like the comfort of his home and doesn't much care for car rides.  I'm sure that will change, but for now, that isn't his favorite place.  Again, I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful pet.  We can't imagine life without him and when he has all of his shots, we are going to take him to puppy kindergarden - how cute is that????  We will keep in touch!!!  Phyllis & John



Hi Jennifer,
I just wanted to say a big thank-you for the beautiful dog! WE LOVE HIM! He is going potty outside for the most part...if not on the newspaper by the door...if we don't get there in time! :)†
Maggy has really taken to him. She's acting like his mama. She even lets him snuggle up by her in her bed! :) Mac does some crying at night....we now remember what it is like to have a baby again!:) Here are some photos of him. Thanks again, The Etter's :)

Hi Jennifer!  I wanted to let you know that Stella is doing great.  She flew home with Mike and did wonderful.  Everyone just adores her where ever we go.  I will send pictures soon.   Just wanted you to know she is doing well and now in FL. Yesterday, Mike was at the Minneapolis airport with her and someone saw him/her and said we have 1 of her brothers.    What a small world.  Thanks for everything again.   Selah had great puppies.  Rachel & Mike





Hi Jennifer,
Just wanted to give an update on Blanca...along with some pix.  In a word, I would describe her as 'fearless' She has alread tackled going up the deck stairs. She follows Ranger around like a little shadow and wants to do everything he does. She was not one bit afraid of the snow and was running around in it the moment I put her down.  She is great in the little kennel. She whines just a little at first - but not loud - then just lays down and is quiet.  She is the energizer bunny after eating! She runs around as fast as she can - grabs anything not tied down - but she is a fast learner. She already sits before she can eat.  she is a beautiful pup and seems to be very smart. We have our vet check today, I'm sure it will be two thumbs up!  I will keep you updated with pix and stories as she grows.









Hi Jennifer and family,How are you? We hope all is well! Here is some pictures of Perry! We hope you enjoy them!
He is such a doll! Thanks again for the wonderful addition to our family! God Bless,the Goldens
Hi Jennifer,
Just letting you know that everything is awesome!  Our little puppy is adjusting great!
Thanks again,
Jennifer & Darrin
Our little guys are doing great.  It was a little rough at first but they have become fast friends.  They play so much and then rest so much.  I have attached some pictures of Jax and Diesel.  We just love him.  Diesel has learned how to sit, he is potty trained and fetches so well.  Still working on dropping after he fetches because he loves to play tug-o-war.  Diesel had his first vet appointment and our vet was very impressed at how good looking and healthy he was.  He was free of worms so she said to tell you that you did a great job with the pups.  Again we can't thank you enough for our beautiful addition to our family. 
Jesse & Kerri, Jax & Diesel



  Click here to see Loyal Labradors Selah, the dam of this litter.   Click here to see the sire AM Champion Goldberry's Nash.  Each parent page shows the pedigree and health clearances.  Puppies have had their dew claws removed and will go home with 1 set of shots, deworming and a health check by our Vet.  AKC registers them as "yellow" and the puppies are snow white in color.  This is a light shade variation of yellow.  Limited AKC registration with no breeding rights.

White Labrador puppies for sale from a family breeder in Minnesota.  Health tested parents, family raised in our home and raised with good early experiences.