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white labrador puppies for sale
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English Lab Puppy

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Announcing upcoming puppies from
GCH Loyal Labradors Leighra Laced With Promise SH, WCX, CDX, RE, CGN X UKC CH Boaz ~ Summer 2019

We have very exciting news!  Our sweet boy Boaz will be siring a litter with Canadian GCH Loyal Labradors Leighra Laced With Promise SH, WCX, CDX, RE, CGN in 2019.  Leighra is an Ace and Promise puppy, living in Canada.  If you are interested in this upcoming litter I can direct you to my friend.  Please fill out my form by clicking here.  I will put you in touch with my friend Lori.  She is taking deposits on this litter now before conception.  These puppies will go quickly.  Puppies will be located in Canada and Lori does not ship.  You'll need to go to Canada to buy your English Lab puppy from this particular litter.  Please fill out our form for more information on this very special litter.  

Both Leighra and Boaz have a sweet, loyal and gentle nature.  These are going to be amazing puppies.  Both parents are highly intelligent and easy to train.

Canadian  GCH Loyal Labradors Leighra SH, WCX, CDX, RE, CGN


PRA clear
EIC clear
OFA Hips - Excellent
OFA Elbows - Normal
CERF Eye Testing - clear

 UKC Champion Blackfork's Mantle of Boaz at Loyal Labradors


OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows - Normal

OFA CERF Eye Testing - Normal,

Cardiologist Exam Normal

EIC Carrier


Full Dentition- Correct scissor Bite

AKC DNA Profiled

Leighra is a fun loving, easy-going and entertaining girl.  She is very intelligent and biddable.  Though she can occasionally be an “independent-thinker”, she has a strong desire to please and she loves to be praised when working.  She enjoys playing with Dr. Lori, her human family members, Shayleigh and other dogs.

A "dual purpose" Labrador is a Labrador who has the conformation to earn a Championship in the show ring and who also has the desire and ability to be trained to and to work at the upper levels of Performance Sports.  For Labradors, the performance side of the equation usually refers to the ability of the dog to be trained to the Master Level of Hunt Testing.  Leighra is truly a dual purpose Labrador.  In addition to earning her GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP in the show ring, Leighra has earned her Senior Hunter title and she has Master Level skills in Hunt (though she has not yet earned the title).  It is important to point out that Leighra has learned her hunting skills without the use of pressure.  Dr. Lori trains exclusively positively, which is unusual at the higher levels of hunt training.  

After obtaining her Show Championship, Leighra earned her Grand Championship in only two weekends.  Leighra also earned her Companion Dog title and her Companion Dog Excellent title in Obedience easily in only a few trials in the summer of 2018.  Leighra earned her Rally Excellent title going 3/3 in Rally Novice then 3/3 in Rally Advanced and 3/3 in Rally Excellent.  Her first attempt at Rally Master was also successful just this fall (September 2018).  In addition to all of the above, Leighra has her Canine Good Neighbour title.  She enjoys dock-diving and tracking though she has not testing in those venues, as yet.  

Despite having the energy and drive to work at high levels of training, Leighra will sleep quietly all day, if Dr. Lori is working or busy with other things.  Both Leighra and Shayleigh (a Boaz daughter) spend every working day at Dr. Lori’s medical clinic.  They are so calm, quiet and well-behaved that most patients are unaware that there are dogs in the building.  They do not need to be confined at Dr. Lori’s office.  They each have their own crate but the doors are left open and they are free to move around the back part of the clinic.  (As puppies, the crate door was closed but that is no longer necessary.)

When Leighra recognizes that it is time to train, to go out and play ball, or simply to go for a walk or a swim, she gets very excited.  She is always ready for some fun!  She is expressive and a tiny bit vocal when she is excited.  Her family finds that this adds to her “cute factor”, as it only happens when she is super happy and excited.  The Neily family can hardly go anywhere that there are not exclamations about how cute Leighra is!  

Leighra loves to be near her family members and especially her mom but she doesn’t stress on the rare occasion she might be left alone.  She is even tempered without any sign of anxiety or nervousness.  She is very aware of her surroundings and will alert her family if an “intruder” (human or animal) comes onto the property but then greets them in typical Labrador fashion; all smiles and tail wags.  Leighra loves to cuddle and would be a lap dog, given half a chance.  She loves stuffed animals and chasing frogs (which is super cute unless she does it when she is supposed to be training).    

Leighra has an exceptional nose, moves with grace and has that “special something” that draws the eye.  She weighs 60 to 65 pounds, depending on the season and her hormonal state.  She is 20.5 inches tall at the withers.

Just as here at Loyal Labradors, Leighra’s puppies will be raised in the heart of the home and not in a kennel. They will undergo the “Super Dog Program” of early neurological stimulation that produced such excellent results in Boaz’s daughter Shayleigh.  We did the “Super Dog Program” here, at Loyal Labradors, with Shayleigh’s litter.  Shayleigh is very much like her father with an amazing ability to learn, high intelligence, extreme biddability and desire to please and the calmest and sweetest of personalities.  Shayleigh allows Leighra to take her toys and she wrestles and plays with Leighra whenever Leighra wants her to.  She is very loyal and very obedient, choosing to do what is asked of her, instead of what she might want to do.  She could easily have been a high-level service dog.  Shayleigh has earned her Master’s of Obedience (MOTCH), accumulating 18 High in Trial awards along the way.  Shayleigh has her Senior Hunter Title, Rally Excellent, and numerous advanced titles in Agility as well as her Canine Good Neighbour.  She is presently training in the sport of tracking.  Shayleigh visits at local schools, hospitals (including their local veteran’s hospital) and nursing homes as part of a Therapy Dog Program.  Shayleigh is as versatile as Labradors come.  We credit Shayleigh’s accomplishments in large part to the traits that she has from her father, Boaz.  He produces calm and highly intelligent puppies.  Boaz’s father (SuperHero) was the 41st AKC Show Champion and Master Hunter in the United States.   

In addition to the early neurological stimulation that each puppy will receive, Dr. Lori will also be “potty-box training” the puppies as well as introducing early obedience to each of the pups.  Obedient dogs make wonderful family pets and all prospective buyers will be encouraged to continue with (at least) basic obedience with their puppy and to enrol in puppy socialization and training classes in their local community.

Additionally, the puppies will be introduced to ducks, game birds and feathers from an early age.  It is important to note, however these are NOT “high-drive”, “hard-charging” or "Field Labradors”.  Leighra’s mom is our "Promise Land” and her dad is our “Ace Rhinestone Cowboy”.  Boaz is a special boy who we brought into our home many years ago and who is only being used for stud with girls from our breeding program.  Leighra and Boaz's puppies will be the same type of Labrador that we have raised here at Loyal Labrador for many generations;  beautiful family pets who can work at high performance levels but who are not high-drive/energy.  They make wonderful family pets and they can truly do it all.  They do not need nor would they tolerate training involving undue “pressure” such as e-collars.  They learn extremely well with reward-based training such as treats, balls and praise. 

Just as here at Loyal Labradors, these puppies will be sold on limited registration. 

Most recent Leighra news:  

Leighra earned her Canadian Grand Championship in the show ring in 2018.

She's also an exceptional hunter.  She passed her junior hunter in three straight passes at the age of 1.

Leighra passed her Senior Hunter shortly after the age of 2.

Click here for a video of Leighra

 Leighra entered one Rally trial at the Labrador Specialty and passed - earning her first leg of Rally Master.

more video coming soon......

Leighra winning her Grand Championship in conformation and her High in Trial.


Lori and Leighra