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Goldberry Labradors - part of our foundation

You'll find that we have some wonderful Goldberry Labs in part of the foundation of our breeding program. One of our favorite Goldberry Labradors was Goldberry's Cold Drake, also known as Dragon. He sired many litter for us and from those litters we kept this beautiful show stopping girl "Serene". Her mother was out of Nessa the Dancer. When we adopted our first Goldberry girl from Charlie Tolkien in Eagle Lake, MN and we quickly fell in love with her. We bred her to Nash and Dragon and got some wonderful Lab puppies. Here is a photo of one of our lovely girls that was sired by Dragon and our girl Goldberrys Dori. To this day we still have the lineage here at Loyal Labradors. You'll find that one of our boys and several of our girls have goldberry in their pedigrees. So, for the Goldberry loving people, know that we do have a lot of the Goldberry lines preserved here at Loyal. We were sorry to see Charlie retire since he truly helped better the breed.

Loyal Labradors Calm Reflection winning Best of Winners at an AKC show in Duluth, MN. Sired by Goldberry's Cold Drake, Dragon.

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