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Policies in regards to adopting our English Labrador Puppies

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone at any time.  We reserve the right to refund your deposit/money and cancel any sale. 


1.  If you wish to reserve a puppy, we require a non-refundable deposit of $250.  Your deposit holds your place for a puppy.  We go in order of deposit when placing our puppies.  Deposits will not be refunded if you change your mind. If you have to cancel for any reason or there is no puppy for you, your $250 will be moved to a future litter.   Your deposit is applied to the full price of the puppy. We take deposits to ensure organization of interested adopters.  This also helps us breed responsibly so that our puppies are ensured homes BEFORE conception or birth.   If for some reason you need to cancel, please notify us and your deposit will be moved to the next litter if requested.  If there is no puppy for you from the expected litter we will continue to move your deposit again.  We will hold the price we quoted you for up to one year.

2.  We do not ship our puppies Our buyers drive or fly in from all over the world to the Minneapolis airport.  They visit us at our country home in Mora, Minnesota.  We want to meet you!  We also want you to meet the parents and grandparents of your puppy in person and carry your puppy with you on the plane.   We must meet you in person for transfer of your puppy.  


3.  Puppies are sold on limited registration.  You are given AKC paperwork for your puppy.  There are no breeding or showing rights with the puppy that your purchase from us.   The paperwork is marked "limited registration" and the agreement is for limited registration only.  Limited registration means that you will not be able to show in the ring or register the offspring from the puppy you purchase with AKC.   Our puppies are sold as PETS ONLY.

4.  Every puppy comes with a written health guarantee, shot record and bill of sale.   Our extended health guarantee goes above and beyond the Minnesota 1 year guarantee.  The extended guarantee requires the puppy be fed a quality food that we approve of and to not have been under or overfed.  Your puppy must be well cared for during it's life, never been bred, transferred ownership or sustained injuries.  

5.  Puppies must be picked up when indicated (at 8 weeks old) or the next adopter will be contacted.  You will be given a pick up date for when your puppy is ready to go home.  We do not hold puppies past the go-home date.  We feel it's important for them to bond with you during their early months.

6.  We do not take checks or Paypal for final payment.  We accept Paypal, checks & cash payments for deposit.  When paying with Paypal, there will be a 3.5% fee applied (this is what PayPal charges for use of their services).  Due to internet scams, we cannot take cashier checks, money orders, wire transfers, etc... The remainder is due at 4 weeks of age or at the time of pick up.  If paying at the time of pick up we will only accept cash. If you have questions about final payment please contact us.    When sending money by mail we ask that you send it to our PO box only.  Loyal Labradors PO box 32 Mora, MN 55051

7.  We understand that at times major moves, changes or crisis may take place in people lives.  We offer our customers support in the homing, placement of the puppy/dog if a crisis or need arises.   Do NOT surrender your dog to a shelter for any reason.  This is stated in our puppy agreement as well.

We reserve the right for first pick male and female from each litter.  Our puppies are sold as pets only with limited AKC registration.


We gladly welcome visits to our home from future adopters that have placed a deposit. Our puppies go fast and are generally spoken for before conception.   People that have placed a deposit have priority on our wait list (in order of deposit).  Therefore, visits to our home are limited to trusted adopters that have placed a deposit with us.  

Pick of the litter male and female are reserved for the breeder.