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white labrador puppies for sale
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Click the below slideshow to see some photos of past Selah puppies.

Loyal Labradors Selah X Can CH Goldberry's Cold Drake (Dragon) litter
 Here are a few of our past white Lab puppies from nearly 8+ years ago!

Hi Jennifer -
Rocco is great! After only four days he is almost house broken, comes when called and best yet, slept through last night....he loves laying out in the grass and getting his back, stomach and legs rubbed. All in all, he is wonderful!  We took Rocco to our vet on Tuesday and of course everything is fine, but I wanted to tell you that they got on your website when I told them we were getting a puppy and said they were very impressed with what you are doing.  We will keep you updated.

Hi Jennifer, we named our pup Leila. She is so smart. She barks at the front door to go out and go potty and then barks to come back in. She goes into the kitchen and barks at the kitchen sink when she is hungry. She goes into her kennel when she wants to go to sleep. She is amazing and beautiful. I took her to the vet on the 18th. She was over 9 lbs. She is going to be a big girl. I will send pictures when she is a little bigger.
 Hi,  was just thinking about writing you an email in the next couple of days.  We have a ton of pictures of him, I will send some when I have a chance.  He is doing excellent.  First of all, I got pulled over for speeding on the way home by Wisconsin State Patrol, and they are known to never let anyone go with a warning.  He asked what the hurry was, and I told him I was disctracted because we just got a new puppy, and we were all kind of caught up in the trip home with our new addition.  He looked at the puppy, commented on how cute he was, and told me he didn't want to wreck our day so he let me go with a warning.  Thought it was kind of funny, even the state patrol has a soft spot for this little guy.  He hasn't been whining at all except for when he has to go potty.  He has been wonderful.  He is getting up twice to three times a night to go, however we take him outside, and then he is all done in short order, so it really isn't a big deal.  He started out the first night in a kennel, however, he has now moved on to our bed, sleeping with Carolyn and I.  The girls can't wait for him to get old enough to sleep with them.  He is SPOILED!  Sydney gets up in time for school now with no problems because she wants to get up and play with him, so it made our lives easier getting her out of bed in the morning.  I really think we made the best choice because he is so good, everyone keeps commenting on how calm he is.  He is still exploring different parts of the house, it is pretty funny, because he is always finding different sleeping spots, sometimes we have to really look for him when he is sleeping.  The latest is under our bed.  He retrieves excellent and seems to come to his name already, which is surprising.  O ya, we named him Crockett.  Sorry for the jumbled thoughts, this email is probably hard to read because I am just writing down things as they come to me.  Anyways, I will keep in touch with you and send some pics.
Dear Jennifer and family, We had a great ride home with Libby. She travels very well. She slept most of the way. We stopped every 2-3 hours and let her outside. She will let you know if she needs to use the ladies' room.  She adjusted to her kennel great. We had one accident in the kennel Sat night, but Sunday and Monday Night she slept all night with no accidents.  She loves being outside running around the lawn.Thank you again for a wonderful new family member, will sends photos soon.
Kate and Fred


Jennifer, Hope your enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend. We sure are. Sam is really adjusting. He has become a big part of our family in one weeks time. He is also gowing. He eats three times a day, sleeps mostly thru the night in his crate, and he "loves" the shade. Last night was is first bath. He is becoming more playful but not in a rough house way. He is just a lot of fun.  I sent a email to you last Friday to give you an update, but I am thinking it did not go through. Any way enjoy the rest of you weekend, we will continue to give you updates as we go. I attached a picture with our youngest Anne.  Jeff and Terri 
    Sam has been a wonderful dog. He has gotten so big. He already knows how to sit, and he knows not to go to the bathroom in the house. When he needs to go to the bathroom he sits by the front door and waits for someone to open it. He also knows the word come. When you say come Sam he will walk towards you, but he thinks he is going to get a treat. Sam loves sleeping in our laundry room. My mom says the the dryer and washer are a comforting noise for him. If you lay a towel or any clothes on the floor in the laundry room he will lay there and fall asleep. Sam has many toys that he loves. He loves to play with a stuffed animal dog that we call Fido. He also has many squeaky toys that he loves to play with. Sam loves to cuddle. He will snuggle up with you and fall asleep. He will lay right between your legs and rest his head on your leg. Sam hates baths a lot. He doen't seem to like water. When we brought him out on our boat we had to carry him high above the water so he wouldn't get wet. One time he jumped into my grandpa's pool. He knew how to swim, but he was very scared. My mom pulled him out and wrapped him up in a towel and held him. Sam has played with our neighbor's dogs a lot. At first he seems afraid of them, but then he warms up to them and chases them around the yard. Sam hasn't quite figured out the leash yet. He thinks that it is a toy and we are playing tug-a-war with him. When Sam gets scared he just runs behind you and hides, or he will whimper and jump up on you so you will pick him up and hold him. Sam is the best dog in the world. He is so adorable, docile, funny, cute, and sweet. I couldn't ask for a better dog.
Taylor (daughter of Jeff & Terri)


Oh my gosh she is great.  We already have here following us on walks. She is becoming more and more active each day.  We kept the name Rosetta. I set up a photobucket site so we could show our friends photos and video.  I found eagle pack in town. Thank you for everything I will keep you updated. I will send the link to our photobucket in a few minutes!  Ryan



Hi Jennifer and Family,

We all had a great day yesterday.  Lou seems very comfortable in our house and follows us around and has been very affectionate and playful.  We took him to Matt?s soccer game and of course he was the hit of the fields.  He slept fine last night in his crate/den by our bed until 0500 this morning.  He?s been very good about his housetraining and seems to like our back yard.  He has a great appetite!   We hope you can find enjoyment in the relative calm in your house and in knowing how much we new owners appreciate the wonderful animals you have helped raise.  They are already adding much joy and love to homes across the country!  We?ll send some pictures later this week.  As you can see from the pictures, he is a full-fledged member of the family.  He loves mud, kids, pontoon rides, and napping in our shower.  He has been to several soccer games, spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa, taken many boat rides on the Lake.  We are impressed with his mellow nature and desire to please.  He is doing well with "come", "sit", "stay", and "heel".  We are all so in love with him, as is our extended family.  The children are turning out to be excellent dog caretakers.  Their enthusiasm has not waned!  Thanks again for doing such a great job with him.  We will send more pictues
in the future.  God Bless you all. David, Michele & family


Luke is the best dog ever!  He is so calm, smart, and handsome.  I will send you pictures on Saturday- I forgot my camera cord to download pics.  Luke has had lots of socialization since arriving.  Some of the things we have done so far include meeting over 10 other dogs (all vaccinated), a horse, tractor, swimming in the pond, meeting people of all shapes and sizes, exploring in the woods, taking a walk in the park, meeting a cat, and playing daily with my friend's Golden Retriever mix.  He is a fast learner- He already knows sit, here (my command for come), his name, and today we started working on down.  He rides very well in my 4Runner.  He is getting better about not barking after he returns to his kennel after he goes out to "pee pee" a night.  Thank you for such a wonderful puppy! 


Hi Jennifer,  We love our little Pearl! Everything is going great - housetraining is going well - only a few accidents. She was an early riser the first few mornings 4:30 a.m. (ugh!) Our daughter Jenna has been running around like a little mother hen. She has really been a great help with the new baby. I'll send pictures soon. Thanks again.