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white labrador puppies for sale
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English Lab Puppy

About us......our Labs......our family

We are a hobby Lab breeder that raises quality English Labradors that are the best loyal friends and companions.  The foundation that our program has to offer along with heartfelt family involvement means that your Lab puppy leaves here with good early experiences, from Labrador Retriever parents that have been health tested.  Those early experiences have gone on to mold and shape our puppies into service dogs, therapy dogs, champions of many kinds and of course companions like no other......the most loyal family dog ~ the LOYAL LABRADOR. 

Heart and Soul 

~Quality hands on time ~ faithfully ~ Loving your puppy in early puppy-hood ~

labrador puppies for sale that are white and fluffy
white english labrador stud dog that produces white puppies for sale

~Generations of experience raising English Labrador puppies~

white labrador puppies for sale in 1977

1977 ~ Me as a child holding an English Lab Puppy from our first litter

09 ~ Our daughter holding one of Selah's white Lab puppies

English Labs are a happy memory for me.  My dad and I raised ivory and white English Labrador Puppies together back in the 1970's.  See the upper left photo of me holding a white Lab puppy. Those moments of raising Lab puppies with my dad were some my my fondest memories.  I'm thrilled to be able to offer our children the same opportunity.  We can count three generations of English Lab breeders in our family and  I can't imagine our lives without our Loyal Labradors.  We continue education in breeding, staying up to date on the most current on important issues pertaining to the Labrador Retriever.  We are highly selective in how we breed our Labs.  We KNOW the quality of our Labradors because many of our pedigrees/bloodlines go back 5 generations, making our foundation girls great-great-great grandmas. 

What makes us different ?   

1.) Family Raised:  We feel that it's very important to treat our puppies and dogs as family.  So, our English Lab puppies are born in our home and remain in our home the entire time. They are never kept in an outside building, they are family loved puppies, born in our home.  We provide daily socialization.  They get constant attention from day one.  Because of the way we raise our Lab puppies you'll find that we specialize in good early experiences while raising them.  Many of our puppies go to service and therapy dog homes.

2.)  Health tested parents: We carefully select our dogs so we gladly stand behind our English Lab puppies with a written health guarantee.  We keep and breed only the best.  We never compromise temperament, health or intelligence for color or beauty.  We want our Labs to have it all.  We test our Labs for genetic eye (CERF), heart,  OFA or PenHIPP hip & elbow defects. ABOVE and beyond that,  We test the DNA of many of our Labradors for EIC (Exercise induced collapse)PRA (Progressive Retnal Atrophy), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), CNM/ (Centronuclear Myopathy), Cystinuria and Hyperuricosuria to name a few. We breed away from these (DNA) genetic diseases with the help of these tests to assure that no puppy is affected by these diseases.  Adopters are given copies of the parents health clearances & pedigrees.

3.)  Evaluations done on each puppy:  A Volhard evaluation is done on each puppy before he/she leaves to help us help you in selecting a puppy to fit your home.  We personally evaluate each puppy along the way to determine what kind of home would be a good fit for each puppy.  We specialize in "matching" puppies to their homes.  We offer our clients education and direction during the selection of their puppy.

4.)  Bred for breed standard:  We breed quality, not quantity in the English Lab. We've produced many service dogs and therapy dogs along with other types of working dogs. Please check our Congrats page for conformation Labs that we have out there.  Most of all we breed for a gentle and loyal AKC standard Labrador with good social attraction, one that is smart and eager to please.  Temperament and health are an important focus in our breeding program.  AKC standard is our goal and we do personally show our Labs in AKC and UKC conformation shows and some times have handlers for AKC shows.  We have champion blood lines and also have bred to Champion bloodlines for the breed standard English Lab.  

5.)  Quality, not quantity:  Our Loyal Labradors average 2-4 litters per year.  We have a waiting list and our puppies are generally spoken for before conception.  We are NOT a quick fix for a puppy.  We only take deposits from adopters that are willing to wait 6-12 months. Sometimes the wait is shorter.

6.) Training:  Our puppies are potty box trained.  This gives your puppy a head start with potty training.  Ask us how this works.

7.) Frequent updates:  Photos and videos are taken of the puppies to chart their growth.  The puppies are given color coded collars and you will watch your puppy from birth to 8 weeks old.  It's exciting for the adopting family to follow their puppy from birth till go home through photos and video.

8.) We do not ship our Lab puppies.   Please come to our home.  If you fly to MN, you will take your puppy back with you as "carry on".  Your puppy will thank you for the chance to skip the "cargo" experience.

9.) Our English White Labs are more stout in build.  You will find they mostly have the blocky look, thicker build and more mellow temperament.  We do not raise a hyper American Lab type.

10.) We are involved in AKC and UKC dog shows.  We have champion lines in our pedigrees but our main focus is temperament and health.  Many of our dogs are service and therapy dogs.  Our dogs have also produced champions.

11.) We are a hobby breeder.  We have 4 breeding females.  One of our girls will soon be retiring from breeding soon.  We only have one intact male at this time.  We may have a wait list when you contact us.  If someone on my list is not ready when I get to their name, that will sometimes create an early opening.