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Loyal Labradors Lumiere

Lumiere is a Loyal Labradors Selah Bear puppy who will one day become a future stud here at Loyal.  He has that super soft expression with a wide box head.  This is his baby album so here are his "growing" photos for you to enjoy.  One day he will be all grown up and for now he's in his more lanky stage.

We are really excited about our newest boy Lumiere who was born and raised here at Loyal.  His dam is Selah Bear.  Selah Bear is a Selah Belle puppy.  Selah belle was a Selah puppy.  Lumiere is a FOURTH GENERATION Lab here at Loyal Labradors.  That is 4 generations of our own bloodlines here....so we know what we are breeding.  He'll be a future stud dog here.  He is amazing and so adored.  He is a super close and calm companion dog, healing off lead naturally at 8 weeks old.  He's gentle and highly intelligent.  He would make a great service dog or therapy dog.  Lumiere has my heart and when you meet him I know he'll have yours too.