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"Quality, not quantity in the English Labrador Retriever."

OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU ~4 years on Hips~ Elbows ~ Eyes with LA food

We believe that you will find our written guarantee to be one of the best out there. The signed health guarantee is required to activate the 4 year guarantee against Hip/elbow Dysplasia or congenital eye defects that cause blindness.  When feeding the Life's Abundance Dog Food (purchased from my site), you get a 4 year guarantee. 

OR, feed Verus or Eagle Pack Large breed to get a 24 month guarantee.

If you choose not to feed Life's Abundnce:

24 Month Guarantee

for Hip AND Elbow Dysplasia

If feeding a food that we recommend (Eagle Pack Large Breed or Verus) you will get a written and signed guarantee for 2 years.  This guarantee states that your puppy will be free from hip/elbow dysplasia (24 months of age) and congenital eye defects (24 months of age). Our guarantee states that your puppy will pass the CERF eye exam and OFA testing for hips/elbows. If your puppy does not pass these tests or should either of the above problems arise (before 24 months of age), we will apply the full purchase price of your puppy towards the price of your future Loyal Labradors puppy.  You will need to provide documented proof from a Veterinarian of any findings and allow our Vet to examine the dog as well if Loyal Labradors chooses to. For this guarantee to be honored, the dog must be x-rayed by a board certified veterinarian radiologist and have the X-rays graded by the OFA before 24 months of age. The retrievers hips/elbows must fail (be dysplastic) or be rejected by the OFA as passing to receive this guarantee.  If the dog has been bred, underfed, overfed, fed poor quality food, over exercised, transferred to a new owner, or obtained any abuse or injury, the guarantee is void. The puppy/dog must be fed a quality food that we have approved (keep your receipts).  Money saved from buying cheap food now is only money spent later in Vet bills.  A written agreement between seller and buyer will be signed upon purchase of your puppy. Puppy agreement must be signed before the puppy is released to the new owner.  The written agreement includes your receipt/bill of sale.

 24 month hereditary eye guarantee (CERF)

Your new puppy is guaranteed to be able to pass his/her eye CERF with the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (before 24 months of age).  For this guarantee to be valid, the CERF application must be provided to us and state that an inherited eye disease was found and that the puppy does not pass his/her CERF that will cause blindness.  In the rare event that this did occur, you would need to provide us with the non passing CERF, filled out by the Vet and Vet records indicating that a hereditary eye disease was found and will adversely effect the puppy/dog during his/her life.

*** If you don't feed a recommended food you will get a 1 year written health guarantee.

To date the food we recommend are Life's Abundance Large Breed puppy and Eagle Pack.

Our puppies come home to you with a Vet check, first set of shots, deworming, dew claws removed, limited AKC paperwork (no breeding rights) and a written health guarantee.

Your puppy must be examined by your Vet within 2 business days from the time of exchange.  If in any rare case the puppy needed to be, and is returned to us with Vet records stating the problem and our Vet finds the same diagnosis, you would receive a full refund of what you paid for the puppy upon return of the puppy and all paperwork.  If there are any signs of abuse or neglect, this guarantee is null and void.  There are no refunds on delivery charges, Vet bills or other expenses, only the puppy price.  Buyer must notify us within 24 hours of Vet diagnosis pertaining to any health issue when requesting a refund. 

All puppies are sold as pets with no breeding rights.  MN sales tax applies to sales within the state of Minnesota.  

AN INVITE:   On occasion we have met adopters at the airport.  However we now ask that you come to our home to pick up your puppy. This way you will get to meet the parents of your puppy and see what we are all about.  You will see how our puppies are raised in the heart of our home.  We want to give you quality time and we feel we can do that best here in our home.  Come for a short stay.  We want to get to know you as well. Special exceptions will be made for service dogs or people with special needs when possible.

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