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Frequently Asked Questions

* Where are you located?  We are located in Mora, MN.  Mora is a small Swedish town located 1.5 hrs north of the Minneapolis airport.

* At what age can I get my puppy?  Our puppies leave at 8 weeks old.

* How long is the wait?  Typically adopters wait 6-12 months once their deposit has arrived.  At times it could be much sooner.

* How much are your puppies?  Our puppies start at $3,000.  At times I may have some priced higher if they are my "pick of the litter male & female.  Please email or fill out my form to find out more about how pick of the litter works.  If you are looking for a bargain you will want to look elsewhere, we do not negotiate on the price of our puppies.  A backyard breeder can offer a very inexpensive puppy.  We have went to great lengths to health test the parents.  In most cases we own as far back as great great grandparents so we know the longevity and health of our lines.  We put a lot of extra time into the raising and training of our puppies.  We have champion show lines and offer a very nice health guarantee to our adopters along with lifelong support.  

* Do you ship?  No, we won't ship our puppies.  But, you are welcome to our home or we can meet you at the airport.

* Do you health test your dogs?  Yes, we do!  Health testing is located under each dog.  We test for OFA hip, OFA elbow, eye CERF on every dog and we have tested recessive genes for EIC, PRA, HU, DNM, CNM, HU for at least one parent but normally BOTH.  Always, at least one parent should be tested for these things.  We've begun to do Patellar and dentition also.  We provide copies for you in your puppy folder.

* Do you offer a guarantee for hips/elbows & eyes?  Yes, we do.  We actually offer you a 4 year on hips/elbows/eyes.  What you feed determines how long of a guarantee you'll get. Read about the food we feed and recommend by clicking here.  We don't require you to feed the food that we feed.  But, the better the food, the better the guarantee.  You have a choice in the matter to receive a 1 yr, 2 yr or 4 yr guarantee. You get this guarantee in writing and it's signed by both the adopter and the breeder.