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Royal Queen Tessa X Loyal Labradors Rhinestone Cowboy "Ace"

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~ Retiring from breeding soon ~
Our Serene daughter:

Loyal Labradors Posh Princess


Loyal Labradors Calm Reflection X Loyal Labradors Exodus From the Norm

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Many people are asking about Athaleya (Leya). She's not on our site any longer. We recently gave our white Lab Leya to the Jason Davis family from Delano, MN when we found out that their dog Lou was abducted and killed. Leya is happy in her new home with the Davis family and she has some great new siblings to enjoy. We are happy that they have Leya because she is a cousin of Lou's and now the family will have a little piece of Lou with them again. I'm so happy they have given Leya a great home and I hope she brings them much joy! The photos below are of Leya with her new family. Here is the Davis story and you can read about Lou's story here: